Secrets to achieve a polished User Interface (UI)

Achieving a great looking User Interface (UI) is not an easy task, with the growing trend of modern minimalist and non-skeuomorphic design its easy forget basics of what makes a polished UI. I’ve put together some examples of popular software applications that deliver some effective UI to consider when designing your next application.

Animate element with CSS3 after jQuery .append()

A simple jQuery example how to animate an HTML element using CSS3 after appending the element to a container. For those that have tried animating an element using CSS3 after it has been appended would have found the element doesn’t animate but here is a solution I’ve found that using keyframe animation worked for me.

Windows 10 Mobile – The Beauty and The Beast

With the official release of Windows 10 Mobile, after many months of anticipation and speculation it’s finally here. After upgrading to build 10.0.10586.164 on my Lumia 930 (UK CV) using the Upgrade Advisor here are my thoughts on Windows 10 Mobile. Focusing on the elements I really liked (“The Beauty”) and the points that drove […]

Get your logos noticed with simple design techniques

Having good branding is essential for brand success, creating eye-catching logos and branding isn’t an easy process. Designers often employ subtle techniques that make logos that extra bit more eye-catching. We’ll look at some popular logos and see which techniques have been used.

Animate content on scroll

A simple jQuery example of animating content when scrolling down the browser window. Using the small jQuery function adds a CSS class to two elements and animation is purely handled by CSS3, great method for those that want to separate animation from jQuery.

Target elements using .data()

A simple show/hide jQuery script targeting elements using the data attributes, rather than using id or classes to find an element or control visibility.

Introduction to Snap.svg

A brief introduction to Snap.svg, a relatively new JavaScript library for creating and animating Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) within your browser. Snap.svg allows you to create interactive elements and manipulate them using the powerful API. So let’s get started with some basics of Snap.svg.